5 Celebrities Who Use CBD Oil


Cannabidiol oil (or CBD oil for short) is fast being recognized as a wonder fluid – and an easy way to ingest CBD. Because the oil, at most, contains trace elements of THC, it does not create a “high.” However, it has plenty of positive health impacts. CBD interacts with the body through the endocannabinoid system positively impacting mood, sleep, appetite, pain and immune response. There are no known adverse side effects.

Most people consume CBD oil by using a dropper to insert it under the tongue.

It is best stored in a cool, dark place.

The growing understanding of the beneficial impact of the same has led noted celebrities to publically speak about their use of CBD oil for explicitly medically related reasons.



The comedienne, actress and host of the popular American TV talk show The View is also a well-known cannabinoid advocate and consumer. She has used a vape pen to consume hash oil for a long time to treat her own health issues which include stress, pain and glaucoma.

She has also decided to take the leap into the expanding market for cannabis products. Last year, she and Maya Elisabeth opened their own company – Maya & Whoopi – which sells CDB edibles, tinctures, salves, topicals and even a THC-laden bath soak.

She uses CBD at times when she cannot consume THC and actively promotes her CBD-based products to people like her who need relief even during the work day.


Another Hollywood celebrity who is a well-known advocate for CBD is Morgan Freeman, known for his deep voice and calm demeanour. Freeman uses both CBD and THC to treat the fibromyalgia he suffers after a serious accident in 2008.


Chong, the other half of his partner Cheech, became infamous in the United States, in particular during the 1970’s for his comedies about pot-smoking dropouts. More recently, his advocacy for cannabinoid legalization stems from personal need. He uses CBD oil on a regular basis and credits it for his recovery from prostate cancer in 2012. “I kicked cancer’s ass” he says of his CBD oil use.


Williams is also a long-time advocate of all cannabinoid legalization – including CBD oil which he uses on a regular basis to treat his Multiple Sclerosis. He has been an outspoken cannabis advocate since 1999. In 2016, Williams also became another kind of cannabinoid celebrity. While traveling through Frankfurt airport, police found cannabinoids in his luggage. After he proved that they were prescribed by a doctor and were for medical use, he was allowed to go on his way, stash untouched. As such, he is one of the few well known people caught with the drug in an airport setting and not arrested for possession.


Etheridge did not consume cannabinoids before her diagnosis of breast cancer. However, after this diagnosis, she became a strong proponent of both medical marijuana and CBD oil, which she uses regularly.



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