Does CBD Oil Help You Sleep Better?



For many of us, getting adequate sleep can be a difficult pursuit. Between work, technology and other forms of stress, turning the body and brain down after a long day can be a frustratingly futile endeavor. Fortunately, sufferers of irregular sleep patterns and even sleep disorders like insomnia may benefit from CBD oil to achieve a more restful sleep.

Given that so many sleep aids available today are made with chemical ingredients and come with habit-forming side effects, natural sleep supplements are becoming increasingly popular. For individuals looking to break their restless sleep cycle, consider how cannabidiol may help you obtain the structured sleep you have always wanted.

CBD and sleep

CBD is a uniquely compelling cannabinoid as it shows potential in regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Several studies have been performed which found CBD to induce a deeper, more relaxing sleep.

CBD on its own is not a direct sedative in the way some other sleep aids are. On the contrary, CBD can actually promote wakefulness during daylight hours. This complex interaction CBD maintains is due in-part to the endogenous cannabinoid system.

Responsible for mediating various processes throughout the body, the endocannabinoid system contains receptors around the brain, skin and other tissues that bind with endogenous cannabinoids to achieve certain outcomes. Research has indicated that CBD may be beneficial for somnolence, a condition which results in daytime exhaustion from consistent poor night’s sleep. While CBD will not immediately put you to sleep, it promotes a better overall cycle by keeping you awake throughout the day and encouraging proper sleep at night.

What triggers poor sleep?

Anxiety is a major cause of sleep troubles and can lead to more serious sleep disorders like insomnia. CBD is simultaneously beneficial for the body and mind and has been researched to emit anti-anxiolytic effects, as well sustain anti-depressive qualities.

Another frequent perpetrator of bad sleep is jet lag, a common response to traveling across time zones. Jet lag can easily throw off your circadian rhythm and make you feel drowsy during inconvenient hours of the day. Since the endocannabinoid system is all about promoting homeostasis in the body, CBD helps to relieve some of the distressing effects of these temporary sleep issues.

Of course, we can’t forget technology when it comes to poorly structured sleep. Many people today are constantly using their phone, computer and other devices all the way up until closing their eyes at night. Unfortunately, this behavior is not beneficial for the body as these devices emit stimulating blue light.

Blue light is especially disruptive to the sleep-wake cycle as it upsets melatonin production and generally throws your sleep schedule out of whack. In order for any sleep aid or CBD oil to be effective in inducing better sleep, it’s good to get in the habit of reducing light exposure during the dark hours so you can get a full night’s rest.

CBD and sleep

CBD: helps to keep you asleep

During the REM cycle of sleep, we are most susceptible to vivid dreaming and waking up unexpectedly. REM stands for rapid eye movement and is characterised by a “paradoxical” paralysis of the body and wakefulness of the mind. CBD has been shown to instigate a reduction in REM sleep, predominantly through its ability to lessen anxiety.

A 2012 study performed using rat subjects set out to determine how CBD contributed to better sleep for sufferers of post traumatic stress disorder. The research found CBD to lessen physiological non-REM sleep as well as anxiety-induced REM sleep, contributing to the conclusion that many of CBD’s applications in sleep science involve its mediation of anxiety and depression.

CBD sleep supplements are gathering a large following of dedicated consumers who have experienced the untold benefits of natural cannabidiol on the body and mind. If pharmaceutical sleep aids just aren’t providing you with the kind of results you are looking for, you might want to make the switch over to CBD oil. CBD is a psycho-inactive substance, so it will not get you high or create anxiety or paranoia. CBD is not presently known to contain adverse side effects and involves no risk of toxicity.

CBD and melatonin: powerful sleep potential

Largely, what makes CBD such an amazing compound in terms of its sleep capabilities are its synergistic functions. CBD is a great mediator of other ingredients and helps to boost the efficacy of other cannabinoids. When used in combination with melatonin, CBD et al. can not only encourage a more structured sleep, but reduce the sleep latency period and keep you from waking up during the night. CBD is effective on its own, but is by far more efficient when used in concert with melatonin.

Cibdol’s liposomal liquid Meladol is a groundbreaking formulation of active ingredients CBD and Melatonin. Meladol utilises a liposomal method of transport which allows active ingredients to reach designated tissues in higher concentrations. Meladol is an all-natural alternative for gaining better sleep without habit-forming prescription sleep aids.

Produced in the pineal gland, melatonin is categorised as an endogenous hormone. As humans, we make our own melatonin, but can benefit from supplemental formulations when we are having trouble sleeping. In combination with CBD, melatonin helps to get you to sleep faster and keep you asleep longer.

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