Why Cibdol Is Used Under The Tongue


One of the ways of taking Cibdol CBD Oil is to hold it under the tongue for a minute or so, before swallowing. But why do we recommend doing this? It is a question we get asked often, so we thought we would put together an article explaining why we take certain concoctions like this, and what its advantage is.

How does CBD oil work under the tongue?

Although many may not think it, the membrane of the mouth, especially under the tongue, allows compounds to be absorbed directly into the body. By holding the CBD oil under the tongue, it gives the CBD within the oil time to transfer through this membrane into the bloodstream. There are quite a lot of capillaries under the tongue, making it an ideal and direct location for medicating. This is the reason why many liquid medications are also taken under the tongue, as it gives them direct access to the bloodstream.

But why? What is the advantage

When it comes to CBD oil, there are a couple of advantages of holding it under the tongue for as long as possible. The first is that it gets it into your body quicker. As mentioned, when taken under the tongue, the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, allowing it to instantly work its way around the body. If you ingest CBD, it must first make its way through the digestion system. This means it must contend with the acid and bile of the stomach, the lengthy journey through the intestines, and processing in the liver before it eventually ends up in the blood ready to go where it needs.

This brings us to the second advantage of dosing Cibdol CBD Oil under the tongue: it is much more potent than simply ingesting it. If you only swallow the oil without holding it under the tongue, some of the CBD content is broken down by the acid in the stomach, reducing the amount that eventually makes its way to the liver. By holding it under the tongue, it is possible to maximise the amount of CBD absorbed.

So, as you can see, there is good reason to hold that CBD oil under your tongue! You can find out the many others ways Cibdol CBD oil can be taken here, helping you decide what is best for you.


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