Is CBD Safe To Use For Kids And Babies?


The trajectory of CBD research has evolved like none other in history. What was once unknown and subsequently stigmatised, cannabidiol is now the hottest name on everybody’s lips. Why? For decades, CBD was underutilised and overshadowed by THC, the most abundant cannabinoid in the Cannabis sativa L. species. THC is known for producing psychoactive effects when consumed and has received the bulk of total cannabis research. Now, thanks to the dedicated work of relatively few researchers, we know that CBD is not only non-psychoactive, but highly beneficial.

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Is CBD safe to use for kids and babies?

The concept of administering CBD to children and infants may seem jarring to some. After all, CBD comes from the cannabis plant, doesn’t it? This is where it’s important to understand the diverse nature of this species with its many interacting cannabinoids and other chemical constituents. Since CBD is psycho-inactive, it can be consumed without THC to potentially nurture or even treat certain medical conditions. This includes children. No doctor in their right mind is going to give a child psychoactive cannabis.

Dravet syndrome

CBD, however, has been shown to help kids with a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome.

It’s important to first recognise that most of the forthcoming data are based on anecdotal and/or preliminary studies. Government gridlock and stigma have kept the cannabis plant from receiving a comprehensive review. However, the accounts listed below are highly encouraging given the circumstances surrounding this often fatal disease.

Symptoms of Dravet syndrome are debilitating; seizures can occur in great numbers and last for hours. For many patients, Dravet syndrome severely impacts mobility and slows cognitive function. Unfortunately, this condition has become associated with desperate parents making multiple, unsuccessful attempts to quell their child’s seizures. It was only once CBD came into the picture that the stories started changing.

Charlotte Figi

Charlotte Figi, a child suffering from Dravet syndrome, made international headlines and was included in CNN’s documentary “Weed” as a result of the amazing impact CBD oil had on her condition. In fact, the results are almost hard to believe - Charlotte now experiences 2-3 seizures on a monthly basis and has improved drastically in mobility and other areas. But Charlotte is not the only child with Dravet syndrome to experience CBD’s benefits.

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Mounting research

A recent survey polled information from nineteen eligible participants whose children met the criteria of having an epilepsy diagnosis and who currently used CBD-rich cannabis. 84% of the participants reported a reduction in their child’s seizure frequency while using CBD. 11% reported that their kids had complete “seizure freedom” while 42% of participants saw an 80% reduction in their child’s seizures.

A study was conducted where Dravet syndrome patients between the ages of 2-18 years old were given an oral solution of CBD or a placebo. Research lasted fourteen weeks and observed at patients who experienced between 4-1,717 seizures per month. By the study’s conclusion, convulsive seizure frequency dropped from a monthly average of 12.4 to 5.9 for the CBD group and 14.9 to 14.1 in the placebo group.

Of the total 120 participants, five children became completely seizure-free during the fourteen week study. Considering that, up until this point, there have been very few compelling studies on the subject, these results are especially encouraging. Also, given that CBD production is bound to boom in the coming years, there will be more opportunities to discover just how CBD can be an effective treatment.

Are there side effects to CBD?

Part of the reason why CBD is becoming such a viable option is because there are very few known side effects. Those that have been reported include nausea and fatigue, but nothing adverse. Especially in the case of those suffering from painful or life-threatening illnesses, the benefits of CBD so clearly outweigh the negligible concerns.

Of course, there are some parties who refuse to accept the idea of CBD as medicine and continue the pursue the passe witch hunt against the cannabis plant. Although we will not report data that has not yet been confirmed, the internet is alight with accounts of parents who discovered that CBD worked wonders for their children.

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A spectrum of quality

One issue to consider is that not all CBD products are the same. Even in the aforementioned studies, there is little clarification as to the percentages of CBD used, whether they were made using a whole plant formula or delivered as an isolate. These distinctions may not seem like they hold a lot of weight, but they can greatly diminish or elevate one product over another.

As CBD research develops, it is generally accepted by many individuals that “whole plant” formulations are most ideal. These include ones that contain a rich environment of supportive chemicals from within the hemp plant. Unlike isolates, whole plant formulas are synergistic and offer a potentially more comprehensive course of effects.

When considering using CBD oil for your children, please consult with your physician before administering. Since CBD and cannabis is still stringently regulated, it may be difficult to ascertain an unbiased response from your general practitioner. The web is filled with passionate CBD enthusiasts who claim to have seen or experienced the powerful effects of CBD on them or their loved ones. This is a great launch point to get inspired and conduct further research on how CBD keeps shattering expectations.

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