What is All the CBD Hype About?



No matter where you look these days. CBD has become the biggest hype among celebrities and lifestyle gurus. Whether they add CBD to yoga routine, cocktails, shoe inserts, PMS remedies, ect. CBD is officially the big hit! Now we are jumping on this bandwagon and formally throwing our hats in the ring!


CBD is a top health and wellness trend for 2018. A myriad of mainstream publications including the New York Times and Forbes have recently endorsed CBD products. Although the ECS or endocannabinoid system was discovered back in 1995 by Dr Mechoulam and a group of scientists, mainstream medicine has been slow to embrace CBD. The almighty seal of officialdom granted by the powers, that be in the FDA, has been withheld. CBD is not FDA-approved. In Europe, CBD also has failed to obtain the mainstream medicine stamp of approval. We’ve still got cannabis legal situations of decriminalisation with an “if” and legalisation with a “but” across the EU. But you can find legal CBD products like Charlotte’s web available on the high street from Dublin to Dubrovnik.

However, CBD doesn’t really need government endorsements when it’s got Major League corporate backers. According to the latest figures from the Global Wellness Institute the industry is worth $3.72 trillion. The blowback is CBD has become the rising star and hottest commodity in the Wellness industry. And we’re not just talking about new-age types into Yoga and Ayurveda dosing green tea with CBD oil tinctures. Weight-lifters, MMA fighters and cross fitters are increasingly incorporating 20–25mg CBD oil supplements into their post-workout recovery meals and snacks. There are even pre-workout energy boost bars and chews containing CBD and usually a healthy 100mg of caffeine.

Plenty of medical professionals are speaking freely about CBD concerning health and fitness."I think that the anti-inflammatory aspects of CBD would likely help post-workout recovery, but only with high doses and very consistent use," said Dr. Tishler MD, Harvard physician and president of both Inhale MD and the Association of Cannabis Specialists, in a recent popsugar.com interview. He added, "For acute pain during or after workouts, you'd need to focus on THC”.


Lord Jones is the cannabis-infused beauty brand of 2018. Ladies, if you haven’t heard about this stuff already, get ready for an elegant surprise. Specifically the luxury ranges of CBD-infused “Pain and Wellness” body lotions are the must-have skincare products. They also make lotions and edibles, that contain both THC and CBD to take advantage of the “entourage effect”. Regal green boxes decorated like a crest, an eye-catching golden shield with the brand name in black lettering, oozes class. Inside an exquisite elixir. Body lotion has never been so enchanting.

Runway models use the product to soothe a variety of foot and ankle complaints and discomforts. Allegations some also use it to restore equilibrium to their right side, which can be thrown out of sync from repeated turning to the left cannot be confirmed. All joking aside, cannabis-infused topicals are the natural skincare products of the future, as even THC-infused topicals can’t get you high by absorption through the skin.


California bars and restaurants cannot serve THC and alcohol on the same premises. But you can serve food, non-alcoholic drinks and CBD and still remain legally compliant. Hence the CBD-only menu. LA eateries are charging $100–500 a head for multiple course CBD-infused cuisine. But it’s the rise of the CBD-infused cocktails that are going to be spicing up the nightlife for cannabis socialites in 2018.

This is a trend, that got started back in 2016 by Gracias Madre, a Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood. With the Golden State seeing weed legal and the global proliferation of CBD extracts, this trend is on the rise. The CBD-laced “Stoney Negroni”, “Rolled Fashioned” and “Sour T-iesel” will set you back $20 each. If they taste half as good as they sound, then it sounds like an interesting Saturday night experiment. Moreover, all you need is some CBD tincture, a cocktail shaker and a well-stocked liquor cabinet to start enjoying your own private cannabis cocktail parties.


Comedians and podcasters are speaking a lot of truth these days. Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan are both and perhaps two of the most unlikely outspoken advocates for cannabis use. CBD-infused edibles and oils are a regular topic of conversation. The Joe Rogan Experience is “The Tonight Show” for the 21st century. But it can on occasion become a smoking parlour, where both THC and CBD are consumed and interesting casual celebrity conversations flow.

Joey Diaz is infamous for his inhuman tolerance for edibles. On “The Church of What’s Happening Now” podcast cannabis consumption is a permanent fixture with guests encouraged to partake. Personal experiences with CBD products, in between hilarious crazy drug stories, are shared in an open stoner-friendly forum. Ganjapreneurs with hot new cannabis companies also pop up as guests to discuss the latest legal developments and emerging trends.



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