10 Reasons Why Golden CBD Oil Is Better Than Black Oil


You might have heard, that all CBD oils are the same, but the truth is: When it comes to cannabidiol, the proof is in the purity. The three most common CO2 extractions used to make CBD oils on the market today are raw, decarboxylated, and filtered oils. While raw or “black” CBD oil is the easiest and most inexpensive to manufacture, its lack of processing detracts from the product’s overall effectiveness.

Black CBD oils are extracted and then infused with a vegetable oil - they undergo no further processing. Similarly, black decarboxylated oils are inconsistent in composition and effectiveness. Only filtered, golden oils made from naturally grown European hemp offer the consistency in CBD content and potential health benefits, that keep customers coming back for more. Below, we look at 10 reasons why golden CBD oil is better than black oil.


Perhaps the most important advantages golden oil has over black are encouraging health and wellness benefits. Golden oils maintain high levels of purity and contain only the essential cannabinoids and full spectrum, aromatic terpenes, that enhance the efficacy of the CBD.

Additionally, golden oils are filtered, separating excess plant matter, lipids, waxes and chlorophyll from important compounds, resulting in a clear, golden color. The materials taken out of black oils during filtration actually detract from the medical potential of CBD, causing nausea and other side effects in some consumers with sensitivities.


In order to maximize the potency of golden CBD oils, they must first go through the process of decarboxylation. This chemical process removes one carboxyl group, turning inactive CBDa into active CBD, which maximizes the medical potential of the cannabinoid. Simply put, decarboxylating involves heating cannabis over a period of time, until the compounds are fully activated for optimal effectiveness.


From a consumer's perspective, the significant strength of CBD in golden oils is worth whatever number is on the pricetag. Thanks to high levels of purity, it’s easier to maintain utmost consistency in standardizing CBD concentration from bottle to bottle. Black oils on the other hand vary much more in cannabinoid concentration and are harder to accurately regulate. This is due to the variable texture of the substance, as well as interference from chemicals and preservatives not removed through filtration.

By offering mediocre levels of CBD, that vary by bottle, it’s hard to gauge just how well raw extractions work. When tested, some black CBD oils contain vastly different concentrations from what is advertised on the packaging. For any course of treatment, consistency of use and dosage is key, making it futile to invest in black CBD to achieve specific results.


As with all daily taken products, if not several times a day, CBD oils should smell and taste as palatable as possible. While black CBD oils have an earthier, bitter taste, golden oils feature the complex aromas of a wide variety of terpenes harnessed through a steam distillation process. What’s more, consumers don’t have to taste the chlorophyll and other plant ingredients, that give black oils an unsavory taste.


One of the most frustrating parts of using black CBD oil is variation in the substances’ composition. Black oils aren’t always liquid at room temperature and require heating in a warm water bath to even out textural inconsistencies. Oftentimes, the oil will harden and stick to the bottom and sides of the bottle, making it difficult to remove. Golden oils on the other hand flow as liquids at room temperature and are less susceptible to changes in temperature.


What makes CBD oils effective as whole plant medicines is the presence of what is known as the “entourage effect”. This phenomenon occurs when all of the essential compounds within cannabis work together to form something more powerful than the sum of its parts. This term is often cited in reference to the efficacy of terpenes working with CBD in providing a more diverse range of wholesome health benefits.


Although golden CBD oils cost more than raw alternatives, the former offer a more well-rounded treatment with higher, more consistent levels of CBD, that focus on giving consumers only the best parts of cannabis, leaving everything unhelpful in the dust. As well, those using golden oils usually require smaller doses than they would black oils, ultimately saving them money in the long run through extended use.


THC, a fundamental psychoactive cannabinoid present in cannabis can be found in percentages of up to 0.2 in black CBD oils, while golden oils guarantee a concentration of less than 0.05% - a huge difference for consumers looking to avoid any presence of psychoactive compounds. Golden oils are legal, safe to consume and don’t inhibit users from driving, operating machinery, or other commonplace tasks.


As more individuals recognize, that golden oils truly set the standard for CBD intake, the vibrant golden hue of the oil immediately brings to mind its purity, pleasant taste and strong presence of CBD. Customers have come to expect excellence from golden oils, associating the color with the efficacy of the product.


Golden CBD oil is easy to use and doesn’t require additional preparation for consumption. You’ll never have to worry about taking the wrong dose, thanks to consistent concentration, which will help you to keep better track of your CBD intake and calibrate your dosage to suit your unique needs. Golden oils come in a variety of volumes and concentrations optimized for new and regular users, as well as stronger concentrations for those seeking the highest potency per dose.

As the shroud covering CBD is lifted and more recognize this important compound's potential health beenfits, golden oils will continue to be at the forefront of the best CBD products on the market.


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