Could CBD Improve Sleep Quality?


As CBD is able to interact with receptors throughout the body, it has a wide range of effects that science is only just beginning to uncover. On potential effect is improving sleep quality, so we take a look at some of the research that has already been done.


As most research into CBD and sleep is pre-clinical, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what is going on without much deeper research being carried out. There are a few ways that CBD has been suggested to affect sleep:

Firstly, CBD may improve quality of sleep as a side effect of another problem being addressed. For example, research has shown that cannabinoids are able to reduce pain and improve sleep. Sleep disorders are a common symptom of those that suffer from chronic pain, so it could be the case that as pain becomes more manageable, sleep improves as a result.



There is also evidence to suggest that CBD may directly affect the sleep cycle, preventing anxiety-induced REM sleep suppression. Should this be the case, CBD may help promote the natural sleep cycle, and prevent its deviation in those suffering from anxiety or stress-related sleep disorders. This is backed up by further research that found CBD helped maintain NREM sleep stability.





These findings are both exciting and sobering. Exciting because it shows that CBD could have potential in allowing people to get the rest they need. Sobering, because this is all initial research, with much more needed to definitively say whether CBD affects sleep and just how it does it. As such, CBD is not currently considered a sleep aid, and is only used as a dietary supplement. However, as with most CBD based research, things are very promising. Time will tell if CBD truly has what it takes.


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